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From Alehouse to Hotel in three centuries!

The Winnock Hotels Oldest Section

The Winnock Hotel has been owned by the Warnes family since 1987 and now under the careful direction of David Warnes, the hotel goes from strength to strength.

The oldest part of the building dates back to the late 1700's but it has been said that there have been buildings on the site of the hotel dating back much further.

Originally thatched cottages and lived in by four local families, the building once incorporated a "Milk Bar" or "Alehouse".  

The Capercaillie Room in the Hotel was an addition in the 1940s and played host to many a dance with the Canadian Soldiers posted locally.  Some guests still write to us, to this day, telling of their fond memories of dancing there.

The second extension onto the cottages was in the 1970s where bedrooms were added onto the original building extending the property and securing it's Hotel status.

In 2006 an additional 24 bedrooms were added along with the Conservatory and Decking area of the hotel.